Mini Valet Up to 2 hours: £50-£100

Exterior wash

Door shots

Clean plastic and glass

Hoover the inside seats, boot, ashtrays and plastics

Wheels tyre dress

Air freshener


Interior Valet Up to 2 hours: £80-£120

Hoover seats, carpets, ashtrays, door shots and plastic

Wash seats and carpets

Dashboard vents dust removal and special treatment applied (mat or shinny look)

Windows cleaning inside

Wash carpets and seats

Air freshener


Full Valet Up to 8 hours: £150-£200

Complete bodywash & microfiber

Tar removed from door sills

Wheels and arches cleaned

Plastic and rubber mouldings, bumpers dressed

Tyres dressed

Complete handwax, polish paintwork

Exterior windows cleaned

Headlining cleaned

Carpets cleaned

Seats cleaned (cloth and leather)

Stain and spot removal


Boot area cleaned (spare wheel etc)

Dash cleaned and dressed (ashtrays, glove box etc)

Dash wiped and dusted

All plastics cleaned and dressed (door panels etc)

Interior windows cleaned

Door and boot shuts wiped



    • sick-from £40 (if already removed)
    • spilt food or drinks from £40 (dairy products may require multiple visits.)
    • feaces-from £45 (if already removed)
    • urine- pets from £40
    • smoke from £40
    • AROMATEK treatment from £40 ( 30 minuite treatment) Aromatek £60-1 hour £110-2 hour.

Neutrox Cartridge - Neutrox is a blend of over 32 natural essential oils, designed to chemically neutralise and permanently eliminate odours.

Fragrance Cartridges - Fragrance cartridges are available in Lemon, Orchard (fruity), Vanilla and Leather. These fragrances have been designed to mask malodours and refresh the vehicle interior.

Air Flow Unit - This is used in conjunction with the cartridges to create the dry vapour.

Aromadisk Air Fresheners - These are available in Lemon, Orchard, Vanilla and Leather and are designed to complement the Fragrance cartridges.

Bio-Brisk Cleaner - Unless the source of the odour has been removed the smell can come back. Bio-Brisk has a unique biological component that breaks down odour producing soils deep within porous surfaces, such as seat foam or fabrics.


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